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Daguerreotype - (noun) an early photograph using a silvered plate and mercury vapour [named after L. Daguerre, French inventor, 1789-1851]

December 31, 2005

Photo Friday - Best of 2005

---+++Donut's 2005 Daguerreotype+++---

London wins the 2012 Olympic bid.

This is not the best shot I took this year. But, in some ways it sums up 2005 in London at least up to 6 July. That's why I've chosen it.

Twenty-four hours after this shot, London was no longer celebrating. We mourned the loss of 52 fellow citizens blown to bits on their way to work or study. There was a further, more moving, ceremony a week later in Trafalgar Square.

We had the exciting Ashes series culminating in another celebration in Trafalgar Square.

Tonight, thousands will once again descend on that famous plaza for more revelry. Fitting.

Happy New Year.

I started this project with the intention of recording my 2005. I had no idea how it would turn out. On the one hand, I've recorded some memorable events: the Olympic bid, the Ashes parade, the bombings. I've shared my mixed fruit and veg cultivation. There's been close-ups of inanimate objects. Foreign trips have been noted. I have catalogued injuries.

Now, there is a decision to be made. Do I keep DDD going? There's another project in the background. Let's wait until tomorrow next year.

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At 2:08 am, Blogger Michele said...

Well, Pete, as a quasi-faithful viewer/visiter, it's been fun. I've enjoyed your views of your side of the pond over the months since I found you.
If you decide to discontinue, I'll understand. You've reached a goal, which is an awesome thing in and of itself.
Thank you for sharing your photographic talent. And I wish you the best with all of your future goals.
A toast to you with cyber-bubbly!!


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