Donut's Daily Daguerreotype

Daguerreotype - (noun) an early photograph using a silvered plate and mercury vapour [named after L. Daguerre, French inventor, 1789-1851]

January 01, 2005


---+++Donut's Daily Daguerreotype+++---

Welcome Donut's Daily Daguerreotype!

Why Daguerrotype? Ok, I'll 'fess. I'm not posting Daguerreotypes. This was a bit of artistic licence and Daguerreotype was about the only alliteration I could think of. All the current daily photos will be taken with my FujiFilm FinePix 4900Zoom digital camera bought back in early 2001. The camera was about the top end of digital cameras available at the time. The attraction was the through the lens viewfinder and the feel of a "real" SLR camera. No fancy software used: just Microsoft Photo Editor. But, there may be an upgrade at some stage. No special effects: just a bit of tweaking of contrast and brightness. Picasa Hello has been used to upload.

Why Daily? Whilst over at Iamadonut and Commuterland there's no guarantee of a regular daily post, over here the plan is to post one photo per day. Occasionally I might slip in a series of photos from the day. Also, I intend to resurrect my participation in Photo Friday. I might re-post older Photo Friday entries. Content is king. In most cases, the daily photo will catalogue a particular aspect of my daily grind at work, rest and play. This is a snapshot of 2005. I make no claims of artistic brilliance. I'm not looking for any prizes. Therefore, expect snapshot style photos. Most pictures are likely to be of objects rather than people. I’m less comfortable taking photos of strangers.

Why Donut? Blog daddy Iamadonut gets its name from the infamous speech by President John F Kennedy at the Berlin Wall in 1963. "...Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is 'Ich bin ein Berliner'..." Urban legend says that "Ich bin ein Berliner" translates as "I am a Donut". I toyed with a few possible names, but alighted on I am a Donut - the name of my old personal site.

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